Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Welcome to my palace

My inlaws arrive next Wednesday from London.

They will be staying with us for a total of about 7 weeks I think...and this will be the first time they will meet Liam.

I love my inlaws but I'm not very good at sharing my personal space. By personal space I mean my home. I'm a bit anal about certain things and I guess I have a very strict routine on how I do things. Its probably very annoying to anyone that comes and stays with us. I get this from my mum. When I was in Perth I wondered why she wouldn't let me do the dishes or wash any clothes...she just likes things done in a certain way.

I guess I am very Monica aren't I?

We also live in a two bedroom/two bathroom flat, so space is not at a premium. We've decided its easier for them to have our bedroom with the ensuite, while Richard and I will move into Liam's nursery. This is another thing I am not overly happy about it but I think its the only option at the moment.

Richard and I had a chat about it all last night. My inlaws have been here for every big life change Richard and I have had. They stayed for 6 weeks when we got engaged and then another 5 weeks when we came back from honeymoon. We last saw them in September 2007 when we went back to London for three weeks. During this last trip we found out that Richard had a sister and she was adopted from birth. I still feel like this news is hanging in the air like a question mark. His parents told us the day before we were due to fly out and I still think there are more things that have to be said.

Richard said I need to lighten up a bit while they are here. I know this, but I'm not good at it. To be honest I reckon Richard and I won't get much of a look in really. Liam is going to be massively spoilt.

As long as Liam is in bed at 7pm every night and feeds every four hours I am happy. The problem I had when I went back to Perth was everyone telling me what to do, when I have a routine that works very well for Liam. Yes, I am anal about it...but it helps me maintain my sanity.

I guess this trip will be another big learning curve for us as a family, in terms of expectations and how Richard's parents will be as grandparents. I found when I went back to Perth that my dad wasnt much of a hands on grandfather which got me a bit upset for the first week, until mum set me straight. He's had four kids and done all the nappies, bottles and nighttime feeds. He's better when his grandkids get a bit older and he can interact with them more.

So its all very interesting really, this whole grandparent/new parent/new baby dynamic. This trip for Richard's parents isn't really about me. Its about Richard and Liam. I've had my time and attention with the pregnancy and birth and the trip home to Perth. Richard has comprimised a lot to live in Australia with me. My Monica tendancies will have to take a bit of a back seat for now.


Amy said...

Oh i could so relate to your post - I am very similar.

I still haven't quite worked out the new parent/grandparent dynamic. It can be awkward at times. It seems to work best when everyone bites their tongue..

Oh I have copped so much crap about Elka's routine - ggrr who doesn't have an opinion!

Wishing you all the best ;)

DiscoveryMe said...

I stumbled across your blog and find it an enjoyable read! I hope you don't mind that I am following your blog!

Good luck with your inlaws!

Trailing Spouse said...

I am a closet Monica as well! Best of luck for your in-laws stay. I'm sure it will be fine, but if they start to step on your toes just say something. I'm sure they will be expecting it. ;)