Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ahhh water...

Tomorrow, I may be able to go for a swim.

Richard is off work for two weeks and suggested heading down to the beach and we can take turns minding Liam in the shade.

I cannot wait to get in the water. I miss it so much. I intend to swim about 20 laps at the new made over water pool next to the surf club at Coogee beach.

The only problem is I hate my body right now. Its pale, full of stretchmarks and is tired and listless like its owner. I want to shift some weight. I went shopping for new jeans on Friday and just nothing looked right or fitted properly.

So tomorrow I will just try and be one with the water and sun and forget about my body. I'll find joy in feeling weightless in the water and getting my body moving again.

When I am on my own with Liam at home, I hardly find time to eat, but now the inlaws are here I am eating and drinking way too much.

Here is to the end of summer....I'll miss you, but the three of us will be back next year. Hopefully fitter and with a new little surf bug getting ready to enjoy the water.

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