Monday, March 30, 2009

Follow your heart...

On Saturday I went to go and see a psychic in Surry Hills.

One thing that has stayed with me since the reading is what she said to me about my career.

'Follow your heart'.

I think the universe has been giving me a few signs that my heart lies with children. I love them and since having Liam, I love them even more. Even growing up I was surrounded by children and babysat the whole street my parents lived in.

I've decided that once the inlaws leave, I'm going to look into working with them. In what capacity I don't know. She told me I would have my own business, looking after them at maybe family day care?

She also said I would be pregnant in the next two years, maybe sooner and we'd be buying a big house with a big backyard in Perth. Perfect for a play area and lots of kids she said.

I think you are the maker of your own destiny but a little push in the right direction surely can't hurt.

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Chelle, Nick and Raya said...

Jo I really believe that you have to be passionate about the work that you do.

I think you would be fantastic working with kids - and I agree - a little cosmic push in the righ direction can't hurt!