Sunday, March 8, 2009


Sorry I have been a bit incognito.

My parents in law are here and everything has been rather busy.

I kinda have my work cut out for me right now so my posts might be a bit far and few between.

Everything seems to be going ok so far. I am sharing my space and my Monica tendancies are slightly pared down.

I am finding it a bit tough handing Liam over. I am a control freak and like things done in a certain way. They love their grandson so much and being the first, its all very new for everyone.

Yesterday we had a bit of an incident. I was making lunch in the kitchen and we have a balcony off the kitchen where I hang our washing.

My father in law likes to carry Liam around and watch him explore new things. Liam loves looking at the trees swaying in the wind. I looked over at them both on the back balcony and to my horror my father in law had him sitting on the edge of the balcony, holding him. We are on the third floor. I don't know what the hell possessed him to do that and I dropped whatever I was doing and grabbed Liam. It was an instinct thing. I had a few stern words and told him PLEASE NEVER DO THAT AGAIN.

I don't know. I had a chat to my soon to be sister in law (Richard's brothers fiancee). She gets where I am coming from as she has three kids herself and said I did the right thing. I could see that Richard's dad was really sorry. Was I overreacting? I don't think so. I am his mum after all.

I find it so hard handing him over now. I had to go to a hens afternoon/night today and Richard was with his parents. I just think sometimes they forget how hard mum's find it in the beginning.

Tomorrow Rich goes back to work for a week. Richard's parents have encouraged me to head out and have some time to myself. The thing is, Liam is like a body part and I don't like to be separated from him. Today was enough for me.


Ms.Angel said...

Not overreacting! All mothers would feel like that, and it hard especially when they are very young (it might get easier with age?- but not really)

I think all new mums need a settling period with parent in laws and their own parents or older rellis for that matter, don't be afraid to speak your mind about how you like things, it's not personal!

Amy said...

I still have trouble handing Elka over.. I just get all posessive and its so irrational.

I SO understand how you reacted about the balcony. That is just mummy instinct :)