Saturday, March 28, 2009

Its time to go...

I am going to give up alcohol.

We went to a wedding last night and I drank too much. It was a combination of letting off some steam due to our crowded household and it just being available, right in front of me.

Just because it is there Jo doesn't mean you have to drink it!

I don't like myself when I am drunk. I gab on like a dickhead and carry on like one too.

When I was pregnant I didn't touch a drop and really noticed how wonderful I felt physically and mentally.

I think its time to give it up and just save it for special occassions.

Unfortunately while the inlaws are here its wine every night with dinner, but I'm saying no.

I'm too old to feel so shit like I do today. Plus Liam needs a mum who is a bright spark every day.


Amy said...

I have sort of given it up too - between the pregnancy and the breastfeeding... and I am pleased. Its good for the weight (all those calories! plus I munch when I have been drinking) and I always regret how much I natter on after a few drinks too.

Good luck refusing it - my parents and hubbies are the same - wine every night.. takes away the special occasion feel doesn't it!

Teneal said...

Jo I practically stopped drinking for the exact same reasons you mentioned (except for having a baby!) about a month ago.

I had a massive night at the end of January, after not having gone out for a while. The aftermath was not pretty. I think I act like an idiot when drinking, which I clearly don't see at the time.

I feel a lot better, and I even went to a wedding a few weeks back and drank mainly red bull and water.

Good luck!