Thursday, March 19, 2009

The people you run into at the post office

Surry Hills is a funny suburb.

Its full of terrace houses, some funky, some downright awful and a colouful mix of pubs, cafes and shops. It also has an eclectic mix of people. A couple of Saturdays ago on Mardi Gras day, I was getting a pedicure and I lost count of the number of hotpants that went past the salon.

Today I was standing in line at the post office waiting to post off Liam's christening invitations. I could hear the pensioners complaining behind me about how long it takes to pay bills and why everyone had to wait 11 hours to be served.

I looked ahead and saw a girl in front of me. She gave me a quick smile as if to sympathise with the complaining pensioners and I thought 'gee, she looks familiar'. It was Claudia Karvan, my favourite actress.

You know when you see someone famous in real life, you suss them out? Well, Claudia seemed lovely. She smiled at Liam and said he was a gorgeous little fellow and I was insanely jealous that Claudia seems to have gotten her figure back into yoga perfect shape after having two kids, although I would never say that. She's quite a tiny little thing, and very natural.

From what I overhead she was sorting out some passport issue. All I wanted to do was plead with her and see if she could do a third series of Love My Way.

Anyway, I got my stamps and proceeded to lick them. Ho Hum.

'Do you know what the date is today love?' I heard someone ask me.

I looked up to see the biggest fruitbowl I have ever seen on a transvestites head. She had drawn on eyebrows and massive fake boobs.

'Its the 19th today' I smiled.

You gotta love where you live don't you?

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Danielle said...

I wish they would make a third series of love my way too xx