Sunday, March 22, 2009


Its my new addiction.

I like everything about Sooki Baby Clothes. They are funky without being too grown up for little babies. They come in cute colours. I love how they nearly always have something on the back of the bottom. And they wash well. I wish I had thought of something like Sooki as a business. What fun it must be designing baby clothes.

Here are two of my latest items I got from Ebay. Now that I know how to use it properly its becoming an addiction. Must stop buying clothes from Ebay. Making constant justifications to my husband that I got one outfit for a whole $11 cheaper than Myer or DJ's is really lost on him.


Leila said...

So cute!!

Danielle said...

Oh I love everything sooki their so funky. I use to go into myer and just drool at all the baby stuff and then when my daugther was born I could buy all these gorgeous clothes.