Thursday, March 12, 2009

A vintage tee

While reading the Daily Mail UK online the other night, I saw this picture of Myleene Klass wearing this vintage Beatles t-shirt:

The headline of the article reads: 'Myleene wolfs down a large muffin'. I am pretty sure the UK press is trying to insinuate that Myleene is being a bit greedy and not watching the waistline but I like her. She keeps it real. And I LOVE her t-shirt.

So I started to search online for the exact same t-shirt. Ebay has them although only available in the UK and at a cost of 30 pounds. I'm not sure if Richard would be too pleased about that, now that he has found out about my sneaky online shopping addiction.

However these t-shirts were also on Ebay and a whole lot cheaper.

While shopping at Randwick today, Liam and I ventured into a cheap $10 shop and I picked up a vintage looking t-shirt with a floral peace sign with a grey/charcoal background. I'd show you a picture but the camera needs to be charged up.

As most busy mum's will know, your wardrobe changes dramatically with a baby. I now find myself in leggings with dresses over the top or cargo pants and t-shirts. I still like to keep my look interesting (if I even have a look that is), so I thought these t-shirts would keep me looking slightly more yummy mummy. Or just maybe try hard yummy mummy :)

So what do you think? Should I splash out on the tee Myleene has? Or go Blondie? Or pyschedelic Beatle?


DiscoveryMe said...

I bought a similar t-shirt as Myleene a while ago, except "The Beatles" was in kind of blingy studs! I got it from Kmart for like $15 so it might be worthwhile having a look in Kmart and maybe they still might have some left!

Joanna said...

Oooh interesting. I am a big lover of bling!