Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Families hey? You can't choose them, you can't pick them. They infuriate you to tears but are deep inside your heart and there is nothing that you wouldn't do for them.

After the emotional goodbyes at the airport on Saturday it seems Richard's family have a whole new set of problems now and they have been barely home a day. I won't go into it too much, but suffice to say its not pretty and Richard is an emotional mess right now. I am angry at my inlaws, so angry in fact that I let fly on the phone last night. Unfortunately a few home truths needed to be spelt out.

I've been through a similar situation with my own parents and when you are the oldest child, a lot of responsibility falls on your shoulders, so you feel its your duty to sort it out.

Life is too short to fight. There is so much living and love to be had in a family.

Its a new day today. Life HAS to go on.

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Simone said...

i know what you mean about airports and crying. i was determined not to cry when we left england for australia and I didn't.

hope all the problems cure themselves.