Thursday, April 16, 2009

Have a little faith...

While my inlaws have been here, we have been going to church with them on Sunday mornings.

We go to a 9.30am mass in Coogee. The church is beautiful and sits on top of a hill overlooking the beach.

I did go to a Catholic high school and chose to do my Holy Communion at 13. I was also baptised when I was about 6 weeks old although my brothers didn't get baptised. I do say a little prayer from time to time and attend church mainly at Christmas, or the day before I went into hospital to have Liam. Richard and I decided to get married in a Catholic Church too.

I could get into a big discussion about Catholicism as I think it has a lot to answer for, but to me religion is about faith and I think you can follow a religion, but if you don't have faith in it, what is the point?

So although I am not an avid church go-er per sae, I have enjoyed my last few Sundays in Coogee. What impresses me is Father Terry who is the Parish Priest.

Father Terry is very approachable. I ran into him at the pub one weekend and even bought him a beer. I also saw him at the Grocers in Randwick yesterday and we had a discussion about baby poo if you can believe it! He greets you like an old friend and I almost forget he is a priest. Whenever I think of the Fathers or Brothers that taught me at High School I start to shudder. I was terrified of them and to me they looked bloody miserable.

I think Father Terry's gift is his down to earth nature. If he wants people to join his parish, he is aware of what people are going through now and is at their level. I always listen to his sermons and take note of what he says. He speaks a lot of sense. He was wonderful with Liam during his christening where he cacked it big style...he was so patient with him.

I also think that going to mass on a Sunday lately has calmed me. Its a very reflective time where I can sit there and think about my family and friends and what is important in life. I love looking at all the kids in church. They look at Liam and smile at him or play peek-a-boo with me in the pews.

Father Terry always starts his mass by saying 'please take a moment to greet those around you'. In a busy city like Sydney, that hardly ever happens. But its such a beautiful way to start your day.

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