Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A little walk in the neighbourhood

One of the things I love about being a stay at home mum at the moment is the number of things that I discover when I take Liam out for a walk in his pram. New cafe's popping up in Surry Hills, another doctor's surgery close to home and our local library - how I love Waterloo Library!

If you live in Sydney I am sure you have heard about Dank St in Waterloo. I have walked past it once pre-baby and now Liam is here, its a regular hangout.

Today I met my friend Viv and her baby boy Remy at Cafe Sopra which is at the top of Fratelli Fresh. Viv is a friend from work. She's 45 and Remy is her surprise baby. We had a lovely lunch today and everyone is so friendly there. Its not the most pram friendly place in the world, I had to lug the strider up the top of two flights of stairs, but its big and open and the staff are more than accomodating with high chairs and room to put the prams.

And the food is to die for. I love my food.

The best thing is there is a fresh food market underneath the cafe with all sorts of goodies and you could spend all day in there thinking about what sort of treats you could cook.

This morning I also went for a driving lesson. I haven't driven in 6 years due to living overseas and moving around and now Liam is here, I need my license back but because I got it in WA, I have to have a few lessons before I go for the NSW test. As much as I love walking everywhere with Liam, I can't wait to have my freedom and independence back.


Chantelle said...

I love Dank Street, and I love Fratelli Fresh too. It's a great little street of goodies.

Good luck in getting your licence. You've done so well without it for so long. xx

Chick Pea said...

Hi Joanna
Been lurking around your blog for a while from I-do.
Funnily enough, my mother in law is visiting us from Ireland too...for a month!
Funny thing was that my hubby took James and his granny to Cafe Sopra for lunch yesterday too, what a coincidence! Only down side was that someone decided to smash the window in to our car to steal my nappy bag (of all things!), and there was glass all over James' baby capsule...they ended up driving home with him on nanna's lap. I'd normally freak out at something like that, but I was too busy freaking out over glass in his capsule!
Anyway, hope things have settled down a little bit with the inlaws. I know what you mean by wanting quality alone time with your little one.

Joanna said...

Carmen, thanks for stopping by. I wondered if your hubby was there the same time we were there? There were heaps of prams yesterday.

Sorry to hear about your break in, I totally understand. I hope your car is fixed soon, what an awful thing to happen :(