Saturday, April 18, 2009


Here is a passage from my favourite book 'Recipes for a Perfect Marriage' by Kate Kerrigan about motherhood...

"Watching someone you love grow is both pleasure and pain. Each new phase - crawling, walking, talking - brings shouts of pride, but with each comes the mourning of the phase gone past.

Time is impatient to take your child from you. So you learn that each moment is precious and that life is an inevitable clock. The pleasure of rearing a child is just a prelude to the pain of letting them go, and it is anticipated with an ache, every day of their small lives.

No matter what wisdom or tricks for happiness you learn, a mother worries every day of her life for her child. A wise one will pretend to let them go to keep them, but its just a sweet and sensible lie. Motherhood is a sweet, sweet suffering; a joy today is marked by fear for tomorrow and a craving for yesterday.

The only cure is to have another child".

I love being a mother so much. But the above rings so true, how fast does it go?

With that in mind, I promised myself to take more pictures of Liam. Can you believe he is 5 months next Friday? Where does the time go?


Sarah said...

I completely agree with that passage. They grow up so quickly - I feel sad when he becomes another month older but he learns so many new things it is so very worth it.

Chantelle said...

Gosh. I couldn't agree more. I crave for another baby now but know that the time isn't right and I need to soak Miss Lacey up a little more.

Lacey has just started to do so much so this paragraph just lit a little lightbulb inside me: Watching someone you love grow is both pleasure and pain. Each new phase - crawling, walking, talking - brings shouts of pride, but with each comes the mourning of the phase gone past.

Liam is such a little spunk. I can't believe how much hair he has. I'm obsessed with hair, seeing Miss Lacey has almost zero... still!

Happy 5 months Liam-monster. xx

Amy said...

oh yes - beautifully put. I am always sad that Elka won't be like her last stage ever again! Its very bittersweet watching them grow.

Liam is adorable!!! He has beautiful eyes :)

Miss Rosie said...

So much for us to look forward to. I can't believe how big and grown up Liam is. And yes all that beautiful hair.

Leesa said...

Jo... I completely agree with that passage also...
What all the ladies have said above is how I feel too. My little Isabella is almost 6 months! She is growing up so fast.

Since being a Mummy I have learnt that time is a precious, precious thing. It goes way too FAST and you need to appreciate every second. Pre baby days I was forever wishing my life away, I think you will be familiar with the phrase “ Thankgod itsFriday” "I wish it was Friday" The days just flew by and I really didn't care much as long it is was Friday or the weekend.

When Bella was born I started to think of all the wonderful milestones we had ahead of us, her first smile her first tooth, rolling, crawling etc. I kept thinking... Oh I can't wait till Bella smiles, Oh I can't wait till Bella laughs etc etc…After thinking about it in a sleep deprived haze I felt like I was wishing her and my time away. I decided that it’s exciting to want to see my bub achieve these milestones but I decided that I would stop and just look forward to the day Bella belts out a huge big belly laugh, look forward to Bella one day opening her mouth and that tooth I thought she was cutting was there. I now feel like that simple change in my thought process allows me to enjoy the now so I do enjoy / appreciate EVERY second I have with Isabella

Jo, take LOTS and LOTS of photos of the Handsome Liam… You will thank yourself later in life for remembering to take lots of photos….

People have a dig at me at how many photos I take … I just laugh because while I sit back and enjoy all the moments I have captured of my daughter’s life in years to come they will only have the memory stored in their brain of their kids…. Unfortunately, these memories fade over time my photos never will….

"Photographs are priceless. Capturing something nothing else will.
A precious documentation of a moment standing still." Author: Nicole Baus

Simone said...

5 months. eeek!!

look at all his gorgeous hair!

Chelle, Nick and Raya said...

Jo this is so so true.

Wow look at Liam's hair - what a little spunk!!

learner bride said...

Hi - Kate Kerrigan here - author of Recipes. So touched you like that piece. I wrote it while trying for a second child and now - eight years after our first - I am pregnant again at 45 (BIG surprise - we had truely given up!)
Great to connect with you new Mums. Starting up my own blog and website soon - under Kate Kerrigan - and hope you'll come visit me there.......