Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mr Cab Driver...

* Please note this blog post has swearing in it. It has to, because that's what makes it funny *

Today my inlaws took Liam out for the afternoon so I thought I'd pop down to Surry Hills to run a few errands and get my nails done.

After waiting longer than I should for the bus, I decided to hail a cab.

This is what my cab driver looked like:

Remember the car parking attendant from Ferris Buellers Day Off? I am sure this guy was driving the cab today except he was Australian and had a penchant for Indian/American Turquiose accessories.

Nearing Crown Street I mentioned something about the weather Sydney was having and at that second a massive downpour came down.

Our conversation turned to real estate in Sydney. It seems whenever you talk to a stranger in Sydney, next to the weather, real estate is the next topic of choice.

Mr Cab Driver: 'Sydney is faaaarkkked. Its the Olympics that did it, pushed the price of everything up'.

Me: 'You reckon? That's interesting'.

Mr Cab Driver: 'Love, forget about the 1960's great Australian dream. Having a backyard is over rated. We had our first son in a flat for the first 18 months of his life. The bloody kid nearly climbed out the window and we were on the third floor. Mongrel child'.

Me: 'Fabulous - we live on the third floor with a five month old, but we plan to move back to Perth soon'.

Mr Cab Driver: 'Get the farrrkkkk out of there. Go back to Perf (Perth, but he pronounced it as Perf). I have three sons. Farrrkkkin meatheads...the lot of them. Kids eh?'

I paid my money to Mr Cab Driver. I actually really liked him. No bullshit and excellent use of the F word.

Tells it how he see's it.

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