Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mummy breakdown

Sorry I have not been around a lot.

The inlaws are still here and will be for another 3 weeks. To be honest I am reaching my limit.

Yesterday we went shopping at Bondi Junction and in between negotiating lifts, two 65 year olds, a pram that I wasn't allowed to push and the maze that is that bloody shopping mall I lost it. I was so damn occupied trying to make sure that the both of them could find the shop they wanted for all their things that it was 3.15pm and I missed Liam's 3pm feed. His screaming practically silenced everyone in Westfields.

I, as a result, felt like a shit mother and burst into tears. I ended up sitting on a sofa in front of the three lifts feeding him, rocking him like a maniac over and over and apologising profusely to him while the inlaws watched me and asked me if I was post natally depressed.

I am pretty much over it. And I let Richard know it last night. He's taken them out to dinner tonight to have a chat to them.

This is our home. Our family unit. My son. My husband. I worked so hard for it and feel like its been taken away from me for 7 weeks. I want it back.


Ms.Angel said...

poor thing, keep hanging in there! I'm sure a better day is ahead and you will soon have some peace and alond time in your home again soon

Amy said...

oh honey :( I dont know how you have lasted so long. I get close to cracking it after three or so days. I really admire your strength.

Its so frustrating when you cant even push your own babies pram, cant feed your baby when you want too.. oh I so understand.

Is there any chance they could go travelling for a week or so, just to break it up for you or something?

xoxoxo Thinking of you

Chelle, Nick and Raya said...

Big Hugs Jo

I think you are wonderful even allowing them to stay this long. Your frustration level is completely normal. I think hubby needs to be a bit more understanding of how you are feeling.


stepforddreams said...

I can't believe you didn't crack it earlier. I hate how people insist on pushing YOUR baby in YOUR pram. My mother in law is really polite and sweet and even I lost it when she assumed she was pushing the pram when my little one was a newborn. I snapped and stormed up the street as fast as you can walk when recovering from a dodgy episiotomy lol. Seriously though Jo, your husband shoudl maybe sit down and read all of our comments on this issue. EVERYONE agrees that the situation with your inlaws is way over the top. NOBODY could last this long in a little unit with their newborn and their inlaws. Nobody. He needs to tell them to back the fuck off right now or they are being shipped off to a hotel. 7 weeks is just not on.