Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My guilty pleasure

.... is Australia's Next Top Model.

Yes, it is an all out bitch fest. Yes, I am a 34 year old women who should be ironing my husband's shirts after dinner or folding washing or something domestically useful, but once I have put Liam to bed, made dinner, washed up, made lunches for the following day, I like to pour myself a glass of red and curl up on the couch to indulge.

I watch the 9.30pm version because 7.30pm in our household is just too crazy.

Unfortunately I have to put up with Richard's jibes from the kitchen table....

'Alex Perry must be gay'
'Alex Perry is a bitch isn't he?'
'Sarah's a fit bird but Johdi had more upfront didn't she?'
'I can't believe you watch this crap'

Hello? I personally think he loves it. Funny how he never leaves the room but finds some odd task to do, like check the football scores on the internet.

Anyway. I love Sarah Murdoch, very classy, a great role model for young girls and mum's alike and I LOVE her hair. Love it. I want to know how she does that little wave thing.

My fave so far is Lola. A bigger girl but stunning looking. I think she'll go far.


Danielle said...

Oh yeah it's my favourite show too! I also love The Real Housewives of Orange County so I can't watch the 9:30 version cause' that's on.
That surfer chick's hair is so ridiculously wild, I keep shouting at the screen "put a brush through your hair woman!"

Lilli said...

That is so Richard's favourite show! He has been sprung!

I am contemplating getting Foxtel and I think you just added something else to the 'pros' list.

Sammi x