Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What not to wear

Yesterday I was rifling through my wardrobe and thought 'I have nothing to wear'. The weather in Sydney has been on the chilly side this week and it got me thinking about how I have no winter clothes at all.

Last winter I was pregnant and still working. A pair of black maternity trousers, various tops/shirts/jackets and flat shoes got me through the working day. On the weekends it was trackie pants and a pair of maternity jeans with the various tops I used to wear to work. What was the point of spending money on myself when I had all this cute baby stuff to buy?

On closer inspection of Liam's wardrobe last night, I found out he has 6 pairs of jeans. 1 pair is Esprit for gods sake. Even Richard and I don't have Esprit jeans.

I haven't been stimulated with the Rudd Bucks yet. So I decided layby was the most sensible option.

I took myself off to Target and went shopping.

The thing is, now I have Liam who is sneezing and spewing pumpkin over me at a very fast rate, I am going through as many outfit changes as he is.

I consultanted my oracles 'Susannah and Trinny' (I love the colours Susannah is wearing above). I have two of their books and they have a section on how to dress as a mum with a baby.

They suggested white converse sneakers with a good pair of dark denims. A funky belt, multi coloured tee and a mid length multi coloured coat was a good starting point.

So today I bought:

1 x pair of dark denims

1 x pair of black cord jeans

1 x pair of brown cord jeans

1 x mid length trench coat in a latte colour

1 x pair of black boots

4 x long sleeve tops in cream, white, grey marle and dark brown

It all seems a bit blah colour wise but I intend to funk it up a bit. I've found Ebay is fantastic for buying clothes too so I'll bulk it up a bit there.

If you're a mum, did you find your wardrobe changed after having a baby?


Chantelle said...

Being a Nanny my wardrobe didn't change too much. I've always worn dresses with leggings, and jeans through these colder months.

But being a Mum the only thing that changed was access for breastfeeding access. I have to take that into consideration with every outfit.

They sound like great laybys. :)

dyanna said...

I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.

Danielle said...

I think my dress sense changed a litlte bit. But it was more about looking good and feeling comfortable AND being able to get ready quickly with baby toddler in tow.

Belinda said...

I love Trinny and Susannah - except I don't fit their rules, seriously I do not fit onto any of their body types.

*meh* What's a girl to do when even T&S can't help her?

ps Word verification for this post is asking me to spell back winedamu

Wine damn you or maybe whine damn you?
Subliminal messaging perhaps?

Amy said...

I changed mine at first - I thought I had to look more mature being a mum. But then I realised I was just being boring!

Now I wear the same as always - whatever is on trend mixed with my fav old pieces. I still wear a lot of white, short skirts, stockings, heels and I have no problems looking after a bub :)

I have finished breastfeeding so its great to not have to take that into consideration!

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