Saturday, May 9, 2009


When I was pregnant and worked in the city I used to go and get my eyebrows waxed next door to me at work. I got friendly with the owner Sophia, and we used to talk a lot about my pregnancy.

I feel bad that I haven't gone back to see her since Liam was born. She was rather excited for me, but traipsing back and forth into the city to have my brows done with a 6 month old in tow is just a bit too much these days.

So, I needed to find someone local. Someone who could do 'a Sophia' to my unruly brows. Sophia knew just want to do with them and could do them pretty quickly.

I have found Chantel Priddy who owns DankStBeauty on Dank St in Waterloo. She has a salon designed for pram access and loves having the bubba's come along with their mums. Liam sat very patiently in his pram while she tamed my caterpillars, although he did have a tendency to fart during the 15 minute appointment. Who knews babies could fart so much? Chantel thought it was very funny.

She charges a little more than I would usually pay, but I'll be going back.

Here is me with my new brows. If you'd seen a before shot, you would have barely recognised me. Its been a long time between waxes, and yes I have one eyebrow higher than the other. My face is just weird like that.

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Simone said...

looking good jo.
you have reminded me. i need to get mine done soon too. it is one little extravagance i shout myself