Monday, May 18, 2009

Come together

Liam and I went to our first playgroup in Coogee this morning. Its held in the Scout Hall near the bowling club.

I think I am going to try out a few different groups in the area, but I really liked this one. Lots of mum's my age and I had a good chat with some of them in the sandpit.

I've come home in a great mood. I've also noticed a Baby Einstein music class in the same suburb so I am going to look into that and although we are due to enrol in swimming lessons tomorrow at Cook and Phillip the 8am start is just too early and will muck up Liam's routine.

I've stopped feeling sorry for myself about how we haven't got much of a support system here. Richard went out with the boys on Friday night and one of his mates made a comment about how having children must be a huge hindrance on your social life and finances. Richard was understandably upset. Yes, our circle of friends don't have children, but Richard and I are finding we are distancing ourselves slightly. Our priorities are just waaayyyy different now. It was so nice to speak to mum's this morning that understood what I meant.

Our little family will get there. Richard and I are going through a hefty transition right now, but in the six months that Liam has been in our lives and god, even prior to that with the pregnancy, we have grown so much as a result. It shits me when some people in particular don't realise it.


Chantelle said...

We went to our first playgroup today too and it was lots of fun.

stepforddreams said...

Oh so glad you enjoyed it Jo!! I went to a playgroup months ago and hated it so today we tried a new one and it was fabulous. Too busy playing with my Tinker to chat to anyone but the toys and activities were fabulous and I think we are going to go twice a week from now on so I hope to meet some nice people like you did.

Sorry your friendship group is letting you down, it really is a shame they are so ignorant. I have many friends who haven't had kids yet but they always seem so interested and understanding.

I hope you and Rich can make more friends who are able to enjuoy you guys as a couple and you three as a family.