Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I am meeting my boss next week for lunch to talk about my job. I've extended my maternity leave from 6 months to 12 months but I want to ask him about the possibility of working from home or maybe coming in to work a couple of days a week.

Our savings are taking a bit of a battering. There always seems to be something coming up and I'll save a fair bit of Richard's wage but then its eaten up again. I'm starting to lie awake at night thinking about money. Plus we have just paid out for airfares to London in September (I don't want to go) and then there is spending money on top of that.

I also feel tremendously guilty for not contributing financially to our family. Which is stupid because I basically do everything else. I'm not sure where this new found guilt has come from.

The other side of the coin is leaving Liam if I did have to go back a few days a week. Our only option in childcare. I don't want to leave him, but he's such a sociable little character and loves other people. He'd probably thrive in childcare.

We have to go to London as my brother in law is getting married. I am looking forward to his day and seeing him marry the beautiful Annmarie. And he'll be meeting Liam for the first time. That will be a really special moment.

However, my inlaws are going through some marriage problems and are not speaking to each other. They refuse to speak to each other about the issue but call Richard and his brother constantly to offload their fights. Its causing a knock on effect and I'm really angry about it. The thought of going back for three weeks and having an atmosphere is already making my stomach churn.

Anyway, I'm optimistic things will turn out for the best. Its tough times at the moment and my attitude is you've just got to get on with things and be positive.

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Miss Simplicity said...

Hey Jo.. I'm thinking of you guys.. I know very well the pressure of financial strain this year... wishing you a happy solution for everything

Ronnie (from i-do)