Thursday, May 21, 2009

Guess who is half a year old today?

That's right, Liam.

Where did those six months go? It seemed like only yesterday we were strapping him into his car capsule outside the front of the Royal to bring him home. To be honest, I am struggling to remember those early, early days now. Maybe that is nature's way of making sure you have more children.

This morning we took Liam to Dr Jo to have his six month shots. Dr Jo (we never bothered to find out his last name and he introduces himself as Jo so we call him Dr Jo) is fantastic with Liam and loves seeing him. He always comments on his hair and how he's a 'proper little boy'. Rich and I both get nervous about his shots, which parent doesn't? You'd rather have the needle jabbed into you. We work ourselves up about it and then Liam surprises us by having a quick grizzle and then smiling at Dr Jo. He constantly amazes us.

Liam is starting to make a ton of noises and its so funny listening to him. He'll copy our facial expressions when we take him grocery shopping. Its such a lovely age.

I can't think of a more wonderful time in life to discover your child and discover what it means to be parents. Its bought me and Richard so much closer and given us the tools to constantly improve our marriage. I'm fiercely protective of my two boys, all I want for them is to be happy and healthy. The love I feel for them is so much bigger than I could have imagined, and that can be quite scary sometimes (me being a constant worrier), but I wouldn't have it any other way. Its real love and real love means jumping in feet first and giving it your all.

Happy 6 months Liam. Your dad and I love you so so much.



Chantelle said...

Happy 6 months Master Liam.

He's to cute for words.

I hate vaccinations. Lacey reacts really badly and I just get so anxious. She's sick for 3-4 days afterwards.

Argh. :(

Amy said...

happy 6 months to the cutey pie Liam!

I am the same - I cant remember the early days well at all, such a blur now. As you say - its probably for the best :)