Friday, May 8, 2009


My friend Jo popped over without any warning with her dog Blondie yesterday. It shat all over Liam's bedroom and in our main living area.

As if I haven't got enough poo in my life to clean up :)

I knew I should have asked her to keep Blondie on our balcony. But, she takes Blondie everywhere. Blondie is her practise pet so she can ready herself for a baby. Blondie is actually giving her a Mothers Day card on Sunday as Jo proudly told me while I was rubbing bi-carb soda into the carpet.

I need to be more assertive. Because now I am $115 out of pocket and getting my carpets steam cleaned tomorrow.



Chantelle said...

What a shit week Joanna. :(

Please ask Jo to atleast contribute. It's only right.

If she's practising with her dog then she should learn this little lesson.

If Lacey (or Liam, I'm sure) drew with texta all over someones carpet, I would pay for the cleaning of it.

The word verfication thing below has the word PRICEY. I think that's a sign, don't you?

Joanna said...

Thanks for making me laugh Chantelle.

Richard reckons I should ask her to pay for it, but me being me....sigh...

I tell Richard they needed a clean anyway.

Simone said...

oh jo, just want you don't need hey?

I too would have offered to pay. is it a new puppy that is not toilet trained?

PS Your information on applications for rentals would be great if you could send it my way.

I am so over it all.

Amy said...


I am the same as you, I find it hard to ask people stuff so I understand why you are just paying yourself...

Though i know Chantelle is right :)


Belinda said...

OMG if my dog did that at a friends house I would be SO embaressed.

I can't believe she didn't offer any money for cleaning, and worse I can't believe (if I've read it correctly) that she watched YOU clean up HER dogs mess.


Amanda said...

If she was any kind of friend, she would have said straight up that she would pay for cleaning!

My word verification is prove. Make her PROVE she is your friend!!!

Danielle said...

Argh I cannot believe the nerve of your so-called friend!! How dare she just sit there whilst you clean up her dog's shit!!!
If it was truly a practice for a "real" baby then she should clean up after her "baby". Jo I'm sorry but she is not your friend!