Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Operation Perth....

is trying its best to get in full swing.

Richard's resume is ready to go. He's getting in contact today with some people he knows in the industry over there. We are going to cover all angles. Unfortunately, when you look on Seek or any of the career websites suitable opportunities are very thin on the ground. Its a sign of the times I guess.

As always I like to have a backup plan or plan B, so Liam and I went down the end of our road to see the new childcare centre that opened. It is beautiful and I had a really nice feeling about the staff and how happy the kids looked. Geez, even I'd love to work there. We both agree that I need to stay home with Liam for as long as I can, but if we need some extra money, its good to have a childcare option in place.

I just hope and pray that we can be there before the year is out. We feel stagnant and in a rut. We want to crack on with things. We want Liam to be around his extended family and we want a backyard.

Cross your fingers for us. I need a healthy dose of patience.


Simone said...

it is tough times jo but look at Alastair, he got a job 2 days after arriving. admittedly, he already had the interview lined up.

what does rich do? is there any chance of him doing a step down just to get his foot in?

Joanna said...

Simone that is what I want him to do - just get his foot in the door somewhere. He has a few contacts there though so fingers crossed.

Richard is a mechanical engineer but his specialty is CAD drawing so he draws everything the designers wants him to do. He heads up the team for the company he is working for at the moment.

There are CAD jobs in Perth - but junior roles. I'm sure things will improve.

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Hi Joanna, I found you blog thou fat mum slim. I just wanted to say hi and I hope something work out soon. My hubby is in mining and for the last 6 months I've been waiting for 'the call'. Stressful stuff. I feel for you guys. Finger crossed for something soon
Have you tried up here? Darwin that is! xox