Friday, May 22, 2009

Reaching new heights of nanna behaviour

Last night Richard and I went to bed at 8.30pm. Liam was in bed just before 7pm and fell asleep pretty quickly. We started watching some Michael Caine doco and both of us were nodding off.

Richard asked me if I fancied an early night. Sydney's weather right now is just right for early nights, so off we went. I think both of us fell asleep within two seconds. I had to set my alarm for 10.30pm to dreamfeed Liam and when I got him up, he was chattering away like it was 7am.

It took me until midnight to settle him, but I feel so much better for getting a few extra hours. I'm obsessed with sleep right now and how much I get each night. I also get funny when my childless friends talk about sleeping in till 11am or thereabouts. Richard and I used to do this pre-Liam and if we were going out for lunch, we'd make it out the door by 1pm on most weekends. By 8am on the weekends the house is clean and we have washing on. times have changed.

Liam is up at 7am on the dot each morning. If its one things that kids do, they teach you how to squeeze the last drop out of each day.

Before you know it we'll be having our dinner at 5.30pm!


Chantelle said...

Ha ha. We already do eat at that time. Perhaps it's in your near future.

Lacey wakes around 5am each morning. I used to be obsessed with how many hours etc, and when people would say they had to wake ONCE to tend to their child I would just roll my eyes (inside) and think try SIX (or how ever many times I was up).

I get what I get now. I love this life. I really wouldn't have it any other way. x

Amy said...

Elka gets up at 7am - I actually love it, I am a morning person and will often get up before her and get stuff done so the morning can be about her.

I love how much more we fit into a weekend - but then I was never big on sleep ins..

I am however a huge nanna at night and love snuggling in bed from 8.30pm onwards whenver I can!

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

I'm with Chantelle! We do eat tea at 5.30!! Too much to fit in and the kids get too tired to eat otherwise. Oldest said to me last week as we were eating tea, 'MUM it's only 5.15!!'
Yes there is something to be said for nanna behavior. I love the nanna nap best ;) xox