Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What's the plan Stan?

Rich and I had one of those serious discussions last night about our future.

We've decided that the Perth move needs to happen sooner rather than later. We want to be back in Perth by Xmas.

We are going to London on the 10th September and will be back early October. Our plan is to move back to Perth by the end of December. Richard is re-working his resume and I am on the lookout for houses.

I think we just need to take a risk and just go for it. We both know that once we get there and are settled, we'll wonder why we didn't do it sooner.

We both agree we've stayed in Sydney too long and need to make some changes now to accomodate our growing family. I really hope it all works out.

I love staying at home with Liam, but the truth is I do feel very lonely. I know if I had my family around me it would be different and that feeling of isolation wouldn't be there.

We'll just put our heads down now and work it out. We are good planners so I know it'll be ok.


Simone said...

yes do it. we did it and not looking back (yet) except we can't find a god damn rental.

Amy said...

We did it the same way when we left down SOuth - we made the decision and worked towards it. Did a trip overseas, got back and started getting ready to go :)

Its crazy busy but it worked!

I am "closer" to m family but still 2 hours away - I understand about the isolation!