Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oxford Street London here I come

I'm really looking forward to shopping up a storm in London when we head over in September. I need to get an outfit for the wedding and Richard is buying a new suit. There is such a huge range of clothes over there and I miss the shopping so much.

As for Liam, I've already started looking at what I can get him. I love UK baby clothes. He has heaps of Marks and Spencers onesies and I find they are just great quality and perfect for bedtime. Here is some stuff that has caught my eye. Rich has promised me a day on my own where I can get the tube to Oxford St and shop till my budget's content :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday, Monday...

I hope you all had a great weekend. Liam slept a little better this weekend, although I think I was up 8 times on Saturday night/Sunday morning. I'm half asleep when it happens, so when I wake up I can never remember anyway.

Yesterday the three of us caught the bus into the city and we wondered through The Rocks Markets. I love those markets. I also love the corn on the cob and chocolate covered strawberries, but I resisted temptation. There are so many lovely things to buy there. Richard and I decided before we leave Sydney this year, we'd love to get a black and white print of the harbour and frame it.

We had lunch in the city and a couple of drinks and Liam was so good. We can take him anywhere, but the little mite is so NOSEY. He's poking his head around everywhere trying to take a look.

This week we haven't got much planned. We are off to the post office and library today and maybe the supermarket later. The weather this week is a lot nicer thank god, so we'll make the most of it!

Friday, June 26, 2009

My giggling little boy..

I was bringing the washing in off the back balcony this afternoon and chucking it onto Liam's feeding chair. Liam was laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes!

Its moments like these that fill my heart with so much love...



Liam has been up since 1am this morning. I was going to take him to Rhyme Time at the library this morning but I can hardly keep my eyes open.

He has gone down for his 9am nap without a problem so I might see if I can grab a few minutes on the couch when I have done everything around the house.

I'm at a loss as to why he's started to do this. He doesn't wake up crying. He wakes us laughing and babbling and the babbling gets louder and louder until the fake coughing starts. I fed him at 1am and then he went back to sleep for another half an hour and then it starts all over again. By 4am, Richard and I decided to bring him into bed with us and he finally dropped off at 5.30am and then woke at 6am.

Back to my Baby Love book. I think I shot myself in the foot when someone asked me last week if he was a good sleeper. Lesson learnt Jo, never get too cocky about sleep!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A little break in wine country

Mum and Dad are coming over for a week at the end of July and we are going to the Hunter Valley for the weekend. Dad booked this for the five of us - far out! Fancy shmancy or what? Now I just need to get a portacot. I can't wait...


Do we see a theme here?

Its easier to sit at my computer in the study outside Liam's room and wait for the chatter of 'bub, bub, bub and arrghhhh, argghhhh, argghhhh' to die down, rather than get into my warm bed complete with snoring husband and listen to it.

After having such a good run of night sleeps I am sure this chitter chatter at 3.30am - 4.00am of night wakings is due to the new morning and afternoon naps. I'm being transported back to those two hourly wakings of a newborn where he would drift off mid feed and I'd carefully place him back into his cot.

Now, I get smiles and fingers stuck up my nose and wanting to hold my own bottle.

Please go to sleep Liam. I'm very happy you start the day with gusto and laughs but....sleep!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When it comes to your kids, you have to do what's best...

This morning while I fed Liam breakfast, it was announced on tv that Jon and Kate Gosselin (from the tv show Jon and Kate Plus 8) have filed for divorce.

I've watched this show with interest and have always been interested in how they have handled a supersize family. I know how hard it is to be a mum of one and have your new bundle hand grenade all the other areas of your life, so I take my hat off to anyone that could parent 8 children.

Jon and Kate have reached cult status in the US. The show has huge ratings and the network TLC has funded their $1 million home, provided security, personal chefs and assistants for the couple. At the beginning of the show, Kate gave up her job as a nurse to stay home full time with the kids and Jon worked full time as an IT Analyst. Now Kate has a super trim body and tan to boot, a spanking new wardrobe and an edgy haircut. Jon has had hair plugs and diamond earrings. They are paid $75K an episode and Jon no longer works in IT.

My personal belief is that they have changed. Celebrity life has become too tempting and its ruined a marriage that bought 8 children into the world. I bet all those kids would swap all the fame for their two parents to stay together.

Kate said this morning 'The show must GO ON'. I'd be inclined to forget the show, forget the personal appearances and travelling and just be a mum.

Its so sad these things happen. I really feel for the kids and hope they will be ok about what has happened to their mum and dad.


Liam wants to start his days at 3.30am. I'm sitting here typing with my eyes hanging out of my head and I have a laughing little boy in his cot. I am trying so hard not to laugh, because every little sound he is making is gorgeous.

He has done this the two previous nights. Since I figured out 'the sleeping bag trick'. Day sleeps are better, I can actually eat something now, but it looks like he is counting his day sleeps towards his 24 hour sleep quota.

Motherhood hey? Just when you think you've got it sussed. Who am I kidding?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh Happy Day

Today was a LOVELY day.

And it was a Monday. I usually am not a big lover of Monday's, but today was just the best.

I met up with the lovely Nat and her gorgeous baby girl Elka for the second time to see a movie for the first time at the Ritz in Randwick. It was a Mum's and Bub's session and we saw The Proposal. Lots of babies and mum's in one cinema. Its funny how you tune out to about 50 babies crying. I can imagine for anyone else that doesn't have kids it would be their idea of hell, but I loved it.

Elka and Liam were so good, and I had a great time. Thanks for the suggestion Nat, it was lovely to see you and Elka again.

This morning when the alarm went off at 6.30am, Richard rolled over and told me that he was going to take a day off work, otherwise known as a Mental Health Day or a Sickie, because work is so quiet for him right now. In the whole 6 years I have known Rich, he's never taken one. It was so lovely to spend the rest of my Monday with my two favourite boys.

We went to the park and Toys R Us and Liam became fixated with a talking dog in the toy store. He was just squealing with laughter and looked so happy.

It really was a wonderful day. How was your Monday?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Penny Drops

Liam has been on the Save Our Sleep routine since he was about 4 weeks old. This book has been our saviour and we've dipped in and out of it whenever we have had any questions.

I'm a big believer in routine and I like knowing when Liam needs to be fed and how much sleep he has in a 24 hour period. From about 5 months old Liam started to sleep through the night from 7am to 7pm, and then we had another 3 weeks where he would start waking every 3 hours or so.

Now that he's 6 and a half months, the 7pm-7am sleep is perfect. Teething will probably start soon, so I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch just yet.

Liam's day sleeps are a nightmare. He'd go down at 9am and sleep for 40 minutes if I was lucky. Interestingly, when Richard is home for the weekend, Liam would sleep his full nap. I don't know what it was.

As for an afternoon sleep, forget it.

I knew I had to try and introduce a day sleep because he was getting to 4pm and crashing out.

I referred to the book again and then it dropped. Why didn't I see it before? Liam goes to sleep with a sleeping bag at 7pm. It's his sleep cue. So now, I've put him in his bag at the morning and afternoon nap and I can't believe it, but he's had two day sleeps since yesterday. And he's sleeping now. I can eat breakfast and I had lunch yesterday for the first time in ages.

Of course, Richard goes back to work tomorrow, so who knows what's going to happen!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pop Quiz

I saw these questions in the paper the other day and I liked the sound of them.

If you read my blog, I tag all of you. Go on. Answer these questions on your blog so we can all find out more about each other.

What do you have in your handbag right now?
Handbag? My collection of handbags are gathering dust. I have two nappy bags on the go now. Its usually my keys, wallet, phone, lipstick, nappies, snacks, wipes, spew rag. Nothing too exciting these days unfortunately.

What was it about your husband that attracted you to him... and what keeps you with him?
His eyes are what first attracted me and his kiss! We kissed within an hour of meeting each other (read drunken snog in the pub). I'm happy to say that 6 years on its his kindness and thoughtfulness that keep me with him. And the fact that I love him to pieces.

Who was the last person you received a text from, and what did it say?
My neighbour Jo. She asked how my day went.

When was the last time you travelled on public transport?
A few weeks ago now. Liam and I caught the bus to Randwick.

What's the best party you've ever been to?
I really enjoyed a fancy dress party then I went to in 2007. It was in a pub on Oxford Street and was a joint birthday party for my friends Terry and Paul. I didn't get dressed up as I had to go out for dinner beforehand, but it was a brilliant night.

What makes you angry?
Children being mistreated. Anything that involves children these days makes my heart bleed.

When were you happiest?
Probably right now, with Liam and my husband. I grow happier the older I get. I think I care less about stuff and appreciate what I've got. I was probably least happy in my 20s when I was trying to work it all out and often making mistakes.

Who was the last person to make you cry?
This sounds awful but Richard. We've been arguing about money lately.

What item would you never throw out?
Liam's baby clothes.

What's your biggest indulgence?
Chocolate, television, sleep and comfort food. I like things that comfort me, like being with my family or eating chips and chocolate.

What keeps you awake at night?
Thinking about money and the mistakes I made in the past.

Which famous person is your all-time greatest crush?
Its a toss up between Jeff Bridges and Martin Dingle-Wall.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ho hum

This week has been an average week. I hate saying the word 'average'. Every day is a new blessing.

The weather has been pretty crappy so me and Liam have been a bit housebound and haven't managed to get too far. We've been doing lots of things at home together. I've been cooking a bit more and managed to make my first successful risotto.

My mum called me last night and her and dad are making a trip to Sydney at the end of July to stay with us for a week. We are going to go to the Hunter Valley for a weekend as well so I am trying to find a house or cottage for us all to stay in.

I think I have been a bit frustrated this week. Frustrated with money. Frustrated at things not moving forward as quickly as I want them to. Read: impatience on my part. Richard comes home every night and I can tell he is pretty much over the two trains and bus he has to catch to work each day. And in shitty weather.

And don't ask me why...but I have started thinking about Liam's birth and that first month. I haven't thought about it for about 6 months and for some reason its been flooding back into my mind again. About how scared I felt when I was getting stitched up after my c section. How I couldn't stop shaking and wanted to rip every tube out of me. My mum was waiting outside and Richard had taken Liam out to show her. For some reason I couldn't work out why I was alone on an operating table and I couldn't speak. I just felt trapped.

Sometimes I wonder if I am doing everything right. Am I a good mum and a good wife? I look at Liam and I see him smiling and eating and playing and I know he's happy. The way he has enriched our lives has been tenfold. Its such a MASSIVE change that first year I think. On you and your marriage.

I don't think anyone can estimate how much of a life change it is.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I realised this morning I have not had my hair cut, foiled or treated for 4 months now. Its shocking.

As for my toenails, legs and armpits...well, there hasn't been a lot of attention paid to those areas either.

Everytime I go to make an appointment I have to justify to myself why I need to spend the money. I tell myself Liam needs more winter clothes or toys or the money needs to go into savings.

I think I just need to book an appointment and get it all done. I'll be a better mum for it and feel better about myself.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Alrighty then...

Ok. First of all, apologies. I have a tendency to be a tad dramatic.

I'm fine, Liam's fine and so is my hubby. I had a VERY BAD WEEK last week. Not one I am keen to repeat again.

I've dusted myself off and this is a brand new week. Its time to put on a brave face and JUST GET ON WITH THINGS. Life does hand you lemons, but you know what? You gotta deal with it.

Liam is great. He had his appointment with an endocrinoligist last week and he is 100% healthy. Nothing wrong with him. Our paeditrician suspected Liam might have Partial Precocious Puberty but after all the checks, he's a bit hairy, like his dad and things will settle down. Quite scary really for us.

That is where the huge blessing lies really. As long as the three of us are healthy, life is good.

Richard and I have had some financial worries and there was talk of me going back to work sooner rather than later but we've both agreed on areas to cut back on because we both believe that me staying home with Liam is the right thing for him. And I'm secretly relieved. But things are going to be ok it seems.

Perth was on the agenda for October but we've moved it back to December now. We'll be there in time for Xmas. I should probably stop talking about it because everytime I do, I jinx myself.

And like every new mum, I'm a constant worrier and will lay in bed for hours thinking about everything. I need to take some time to myself each weekend to have a little break, even if it means going for a walk with the ipod plugged in.

So, there you have it. Writing this blog is like a mini therapy session for me somedays, so I need to keep it up.

Thanks for all the lovely messages I received though...big kisses to you all xxx

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A break

I'm taking a break from my blog for a while, but I will be back...

The first year of mummyhood is never easy and my mistake was I thought I had it in the bag. I don't and I'm not coping too well. I need to sort out some things that have crept into my life again and concentrate on my husband and my son Liam.

I'll be back soon...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday I'm in love...

because its a long weekend.

I love long weekends. More time with the husband. More time together as a family...

Its been a hectic week. Liam and I now know Prince of Wales hospital very well. Next week its Sydney Childrens Hospital. All will be ok. I'm being positive. I'll let you all know how the test results turn out.

Tomorrow I'm going to take Liam up to the Surry Hills market and we can have a look around. I'm then going to treat myself to a nice hot chocolate and a slice of banana cake. Its been a LONG week.

On Sunday night Richard and I are 'spreadsheeting' the financials. This is our plan:

* We have 13 weeks to pack up our flat, sell our car, resign from our jobs and hop a plane to London on the 10th September. We'll stay for 6 weeks.

* Instead of flying back to Sydney, we'll be flying to Perth. And be living with my parents till Xmas. We are confident we can find work and set ourselves up again.

Its time to make a fresh start and take a risk. Yes, its uncertain times, but we are going nowhere fast right now. I'm confident we can have a happier and less stressful life in Perth.

I can't believe its finally happening now. We are 90% there. Richard just wants to see it all on paper.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

That's what I want

Richard and I found this house on the internet on Saturday night and we can't stop talking about it. Its brand new, has only been lived in for 6 months and is under $400K. And its in Perth, which is so much more exciting.

I love that its a blank canvas and you could add your own touches.

There might be a bit of news on the Perth front...I'll keep you all updated, but its looking VERY promising.

Here are some snaps...what do you think? I think its perfect for our first home:

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dare I get excited?

I'll be glad when its Wednesday next week. Not that I am wishing the week away or anything, but by then Richard and I will know if Liam is ok after all his tests and I'll be able to sleep better.

My mum wants to shout me and Liam a flight to Perth for a week. I'm seriously thinking of taking her up on her offer, but I hate being away from Richard for so long.

But I miss my mum so much right now and I know she misses Liam terribly too. He'd love to see her again and I'm sure she'd be shocked with how much he has grown.

We'll wait and see. I'm not thinking beyond next week yet.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Just one of those days

Liam and I had one of those days before.

We had to go to the hospital for an appointment with a Paed and now Liam has to have some further tests done on his pituarty and adrenal glands. Today we had to get bloods and urine done. Thankfully our Paed is a wonderful guy and we can get it all sorted out.

I just hate having Liam poked and prodded. He just amazes me though - he smiles at everyone who comes his way. I know I wouldn't have today.

I've just had a big cry and have settled the little guy down for his sleep. I think a glass of wine and an early night are in order for me.

As much as I am loving this first year of Liam's life, 2009 has been pretty hard this year with one thing or another.

Onwards and upwards though Jo...