Monday, June 15, 2009

Alrighty then...

Ok. First of all, apologies. I have a tendency to be a tad dramatic.

I'm fine, Liam's fine and so is my hubby. I had a VERY BAD WEEK last week. Not one I am keen to repeat again.

I've dusted myself off and this is a brand new week. Its time to put on a brave face and JUST GET ON WITH THINGS. Life does hand you lemons, but you know what? You gotta deal with it.

Liam is great. He had his appointment with an endocrinoligist last week and he is 100% healthy. Nothing wrong with him. Our paeditrician suspected Liam might have Partial Precocious Puberty but after all the checks, he's a bit hairy, like his dad and things will settle down. Quite scary really for us.

That is where the huge blessing lies really. As long as the three of us are healthy, life is good.

Richard and I have had some financial worries and there was talk of me going back to work sooner rather than later but we've both agreed on areas to cut back on because we both believe that me staying home with Liam is the right thing for him. And I'm secretly relieved. But things are going to be ok it seems.

Perth was on the agenda for October but we've moved it back to December now. We'll be there in time for Xmas. I should probably stop talking about it because everytime I do, I jinx myself.

And like every new mum, I'm a constant worrier and will lay in bed for hours thinking about everything. I need to take some time to myself each weekend to have a little break, even if it means going for a walk with the ipod plugged in.

So, there you have it. Writing this blog is like a mini therapy session for me somedays, so I need to keep it up.

Thanks for all the lovely messages I received though...big kisses to you all xxx


Gab* said...

Glad to hear Liam is fine! Must have been so worrying for you!

Shellsibelle said...

Glad you are back, Jo :] I love reading your blogs :]

So great that Liam is fine, too.


Danielle said...

Jo I'm so glad you're back - and please do try to have some time to yourself every weekend, it is such a lifesaver for me to have time to myself to have a pedicure or go to a movie.

Miss Simplicity said...

I completely understand Jo.. I tend to worry too..lovely to read your new post.. here's a bit hug and smooch *mwah*

Ronnie :)

Chelle, Nick and Raya said...

I'm thrilled your back Jo and that all is well with Liam