Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dare I get excited?

I'll be glad when its Wednesday next week. Not that I am wishing the week away or anything, but by then Richard and I will know if Liam is ok after all his tests and I'll be able to sleep better.

My mum wants to shout me and Liam a flight to Perth for a week. I'm seriously thinking of taking her up on her offer, but I hate being away from Richard for so long.

But I miss my mum so much right now and I know she misses Liam terribly too. He'd love to see her again and I'm sure she'd be shocked with how much he has grown.

We'll wait and see. I'm not thinking beyond next week yet.


Chantelle said...

I think you should go. It will be good for the soul. x

Amy said...

Hope your wait for Liam's results goes fast.

I think maybe going would be good too Jo :)

I always miss my hubby when I go away too but it makes coming home even sweeter xoxox