Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday I'm in love...

because its a long weekend.

I love long weekends. More time with the husband. More time together as a family...

Its been a hectic week. Liam and I now know Prince of Wales hospital very well. Next week its Sydney Childrens Hospital. All will be ok. I'm being positive. I'll let you all know how the test results turn out.

Tomorrow I'm going to take Liam up to the Surry Hills market and we can have a look around. I'm then going to treat myself to a nice hot chocolate and a slice of banana cake. Its been a LONG week.

On Sunday night Richard and I are 'spreadsheeting' the financials. This is our plan:

* We have 13 weeks to pack up our flat, sell our car, resign from our jobs and hop a plane to London on the 10th September. We'll stay for 6 weeks.

* Instead of flying back to Sydney, we'll be flying to Perth. And be living with my parents till Xmas. We are confident we can find work and set ourselves up again.

Its time to make a fresh start and take a risk. Yes, its uncertain times, but we are going nowhere fast right now. I'm confident we can have a happier and less stressful life in Perth.

I can't believe its finally happening now. We are 90% there. Richard just wants to see it all on paper.


Amy said...

Wow!!! That sounds like a big exciting, scary wonderful plan.

Enjoy your well earned cake :)

And I am hoping that all will be fine with Liam


Miss Simplicity said...

So proud of you guys Jo.. well done and congratulations on not only talking about your dreams, but doing something to actively follow them. I agree with you.. I'm thinking positively for Liam too, and believe you guys will find all the things you need in Perth

Well done!!!

Jaclyn said...

This is such great news Jo, I know how much you've been aching to get back to Perth. All the best over the next few months, I'm sure it will pay off for you and your little family xo

Little Blonde Riding Hood said...

Wonderful news Jo! I would love to catch up with you (and Liam) in Perth.