Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday, Monday...

I hope you all had a great weekend. Liam slept a little better this weekend, although I think I was up 8 times on Saturday night/Sunday morning. I'm half asleep when it happens, so when I wake up I can never remember anyway.

Yesterday the three of us caught the bus into the city and we wondered through The Rocks Markets. I love those markets. I also love the corn on the cob and chocolate covered strawberries, but I resisted temptation. There are so many lovely things to buy there. Richard and I decided before we leave Sydney this year, we'd love to get a black and white print of the harbour and frame it.

We had lunch in the city and a couple of drinks and Liam was so good. We can take him anywhere, but the little mite is so NOSEY. He's poking his head around everywhere trying to take a look.

This week we haven't got much planned. We are off to the post office and library today and maybe the supermarket later. The weather this week is a lot nicer thank god, so we'll make the most of it!

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