Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh Happy Day

Today was a LOVELY day.

And it was a Monday. I usually am not a big lover of Monday's, but today was just the best.

I met up with the lovely Nat and her gorgeous baby girl Elka for the second time to see a movie for the first time at the Ritz in Randwick. It was a Mum's and Bub's session and we saw The Proposal. Lots of babies and mum's in one cinema. Its funny how you tune out to about 50 babies crying. I can imagine for anyone else that doesn't have kids it would be their idea of hell, but I loved it.

Elka and Liam were so good, and I had a great time. Thanks for the suggestion Nat, it was lovely to see you and Elka again.

This morning when the alarm went off at 6.30am, Richard rolled over and told me that he was going to take a day off work, otherwise known as a Mental Health Day or a Sickie, because work is so quiet for him right now. In the whole 6 years I have known Rich, he's never taken one. It was so lovely to spend the rest of my Monday with my two favourite boys.

We went to the park and Toys R Us and Liam became fixated with a talking dog in the toy store. He was just squealing with laughter and looked so happy.

It really was a wonderful day. How was your Monday?

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