Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I realised this morning I have not had my hair cut, foiled or treated for 4 months now. Its shocking.

As for my toenails, legs and armpits...well, there hasn't been a lot of attention paid to those areas either.

Everytime I go to make an appointment I have to justify to myself why I need to spend the money. I tell myself Liam needs more winter clothes or toys or the money needs to go into savings.

I think I just need to book an appointment and get it all done. I'll be a better mum for it and feel better about myself.


Miss Simplicity said...

Hey Jo.. Hope you don't mind.. I get a bit excited about saving $$ after being a student for almost 8 years now..if you're trying to save some $$ on those things.. I've found some of them I need professionally done, but others I can do myself... I haven't yet mastered underarm waxing (it's a wee bit tricky), but Veet Wax strips (the green strips in the yellow box) are really great for leg waxing - a $14.99 box from Priceline lasts around 6 months! and you can do your eyebrows with them too.. I just cut a little strip from the big one, and make sure the eyebrow is an upside down "V" - which looks professional.. so it saves around $60-70 a month just in those 2 things, or around $850 a year.. which leaves more $ for the stuff you really don't want to go without, like the foils and your favourite hairdresser

Ronnie :)

Helen said...

hah you sound like me.
I would prefer to spend my money on my daughter and deal with my horrible hair for a few more months!
Honestly cannot remember the last time I had my eyebrows done properly...it may even be before I got pregnant!! oops...