Wednesday, June 3, 2009

That's what I want

Richard and I found this house on the internet on Saturday night and we can't stop talking about it. Its brand new, has only been lived in for 6 months and is under $400K. And its in Perth, which is so much more exciting.

I love that its a blank canvas and you could add your own touches.

There might be a bit of news on the Perth front...I'll keep you all updated, but its looking VERY promising.

Here are some snaps...what do you think? I think its perfect for our first home:


Amy said...

What a sweet little home! I can totally see how you would fall in love with it :)

May all your dreams come true this year

Miss Simplicity said...

Looks gorgeous Jo! Wishing you guys everything you're dreaming of... from one West Aussie to another!!!

Ronnie (from i-do)

Amanda said...

I love it! You're right, it is a blank canvas, the layout looks great.

Will cross everything I can for you.


Teneal said...

That is gorgeous! And sounds like a bargain!

It is sounding very 'real' Jo :)