Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When it comes to your kids, you have to do what's best...

This morning while I fed Liam breakfast, it was announced on tv that Jon and Kate Gosselin (from the tv show Jon and Kate Plus 8) have filed for divorce.

I've watched this show with interest and have always been interested in how they have handled a supersize family. I know how hard it is to be a mum of one and have your new bundle hand grenade all the other areas of your life, so I take my hat off to anyone that could parent 8 children.

Jon and Kate have reached cult status in the US. The show has huge ratings and the network TLC has funded their $1 million home, provided security, personal chefs and assistants for the couple. At the beginning of the show, Kate gave up her job as a nurse to stay home full time with the kids and Jon worked full time as an IT Analyst. Now Kate has a super trim body and tan to boot, a spanking new wardrobe and an edgy haircut. Jon has had hair plugs and diamond earrings. They are paid $75K an episode and Jon no longer works in IT.

My personal belief is that they have changed. Celebrity life has become too tempting and its ruined a marriage that bought 8 children into the world. I bet all those kids would swap all the fame for their two parents to stay together.

Kate said this morning 'The show must GO ON'. I'd be inclined to forget the show, forget the personal appearances and travelling and just be a mum.

Its so sad these things happen. I really feel for the kids and hope they will be ok about what has happened to their mum and dad.


Camarli said...

It is very sad for those little children. Hopefully they will be okay !

Shellsibelle said...

Oh no, I hadn't heard this news :[ That is very sad indeed :[ I also watch this show, and have followed the family. Kate has always spoken in a not-so-nice way to Jon (IMO), and they always just seemed to be the "childrens' parents", as opposed to each others' husband and wife. I never really saw a lot of love for each other. I wouldn't want the show to go on, I think it has gone on long enough. I would just want to be anonymous in my happy little family. I wish it was the case :[