Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A mummy friend

Yesterday Liam and I met up with Winnie and Hayden. Winnie is a mum I met at the Early Childhood Centre last week and Hayden is her too-cute-of-a-button 5 month old little girl.

We both live in Zetland and there is a big park in the middle of our suburb. We met up there, had a hot chocolate and fudge slice at the local cafe and then took the kids for a couple of laps around Zetland.

We discussed all sorts of things mummy-related and it was really lovely to kill some time between that 3-5pm window of time when Liam starts to get really challenging.

Its so nice to talk to other mum's who 'just get it'. My friends in Sydney don't have children and I find I keep a lid on baby talk. I think to myself 'do they really want to hear it?'. So I keep my mouth shut for fear of boring them. Which is probably very silly because Liam is my focus and my life and why shouldn't I talk about him?

So, we had a really lovely afternoon.

Last night at 8.30pm, Liam woke up SCREAMING. It took about half an hour for me and Rich to calm him down. Its so frustrating not knowing what is wrong. His temperature was fine. He was nice and warm, but not too warm if you know what I mean. I ended up feeding him and he gulped down his bottle. He had a really big dinner and his 6.30pm milk feed, so I found it strange he was hungry again, but so be it. He went down without a problem after his second bottle.

Poor little mite, I think we are definitely heading for teeth territory right now.


Shellsibelle said...

That's great :] There's nothing like having a friend who knows exactly what you're going through. Makes conversation easy, too! :D
Did Liam have a nightmare perhaps? Or maybe having a little growth spurt?

Christina Lowry said...

Oh, teething territory! We are there now. My son is 7 months old and has his first tooth. He started teething when he was 3 months old, but no toothy-pegs to show for it until recently. Panadol before bed was what the doctor told us. It helped, but his routine went out the window with the teething, so I wouldn't stress if I were you. We have had quite a few times now where he has woken up screamig and in a state and never usually does that. It breaks you heart as a parent though, doesn't it.
Glad you have found some mummy company. I am starting again, as I met a great friend with a bub the same age, but she moved back to Melbourne!