Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tag you're it

I've been tagged by my lovely mate Sarah. Sarah, I will call you soon, I promise!

While flicking through some photo's on my laptop, I stumbled across some random shots from our wedding. I like these two, because when they were taken I had no idea we were being photographed and they have captured some special moments between us when we became husband and wife.

I remember hugging Richard towards the end of the night when the last song came on which was 'I've had the time of my life'. I normally hate that song, but at the end of our wedding day, I remember thinking how perfect that song was, because I did have the best day of my life.

The second photo is of us dancing to our bridal waltz. We didn't actually waltz, we shuffled around the dancefloor and grinned ridiculously at each other. The song was by The Beatles 'In my life'. I remember dancing with my new husband and singing to him 'In my life I love you more'. I still sing it to him and I sing it to Liam when I am trying to get him to sleep.

Ah love. Its the best...



Amy said...

Beautiful :)


Danielle said...

you look blissfully happy