Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Wee Wayne

Yesterday I picked up Richard's cousin from Ireland Laura and her friend Sian. They are on a one year working visa in Australia and are living in Melbourne. They are in Sydney for the week.

Laura and Sian live in Buncrana in Donegal which is in Ireland. They have Northern Irish accents but Donegal isn't in Northern Ireland.

Laura is a hoot. She's really loud and she loves kids. If they were living in Sydney I'd be tempted to hire her as a nanny so I could get some extra money for my family by going back to work. Liam was fascinated by her as she recounted various drunk stories on her travels and tales from back home.

Buncrana is a tiny little village and I've been there once. I love it. I could happily live there on a farm and pop out babies while Richard tended to the land. Of course this is my romanticised view of it all and its actually pretty hard work. So, for Laura and her friend to come over to Australia makes me really proud of them. What an adventure for them.

All night she kept telling me how she couldn't wait to have 'wee Wayne's'. Or how all of her friends back home had four 'wee Wayne's' under the age of three because 'ye pop em out really quickly ye see Jo'.

Richard drove them back to their hostel in Bondi at 9pm. When he got home I said to him 'what is a Wee Wayne Rich?'.

He said to me that they meant 'little one' or a 'wee un (little 'one').

The way they pronounced it I was thinking everyone in Ireland was naming their kids Wayne.

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