Friday, August 28, 2009

Mad hair

Liam has always had a good head of hair. My hair is rather thick, so he's inherited his thickness from me but the colour from his dad.

What we didn't expect was the mad curls. We just love them. When he was younger I was obsessed with brushing his hair every five minutes and parting it, but now that its sprung curls I just brush it after his bath and let it do whatever it has to do.

I am sure when we go back to London in two weeks my parents in law will say we should cut it. They really want to see him have his first hair cut, but Rich and me want to grow it longer, like our favourite child character Ben from the comedy on UKTV Outnumbered.

Everywhere we go, Liam gets lots of compliments about his hair. He's such a cutie and I reckon it makes him look like a proper boy.


Danielle said...

Jo! Those cheeks! I must smoosh them!

Camarli said...

Ohh, such beautiful curls !

Emily said...

Oh, I just LOVE his hair and think you should definitely let it grow!

Since when did seeing a first haircut become such a big deal to grandparents anyway? Boo. Hiss.

Shellsibelle said...

Liam is so gorgeous, and I just LOVE babies with lots of hair!! :] xox

Miss Rosie said...

Liam has the most beautiful hair. Angus has hair envy. It is so fair and fine people think he doesn't have any.