Friday, August 21, 2009

What Tricia said next reading arrived. I asked about lots of things, money, career, family, my inlaws, our move to Perth and whether we would buy a home soon. Overall I am pretty pleased with it.

Hi Joanna,

The first thing I am seeing around you today is in the area of finance, I can see that you have had some hard times with your finances in the recent past, and I do not feel as though they're going to improve a great deal for a while ahead. Don't worry in the long term these early years are going to be the most difficult for you as you find a base for your family.

It is particularly hard when you have had less income and more expense with your little one but overall in the future things will settle down for you and you will be able to feel more comfortable financially.

It is not as if it's going to get really easy really quickly, it is just a time where you are growing slowly.

Be very careful with your spending this is where you need to take note. Buy only what is necessary and keep this as your mantra for at least the next two years.

I do feel that the move to Perth is available to you that you will definitely have to be very stringent with your money between now and then for it to come to pass that the time that you hope.

There will be delays if you are not very careful.

Although I do see that you will most definitely move to Perth.

Now in regard to your career, you really do not need to be focusing on a direct career path yourself at this time. When I talk about career I mean, a job where it is a direct chosen career. What you need to be thinking about Ian this means to an end for now. This means that you need to be looking at work that will bring you in the income that is necessary for you to do what you want to do with your family for the future. Not everyone needs to be focused on a career. You will find during your life that there are going to be a lot of other things that are going to be more important to you than you a job.

You are not showing to me to be in the right time of your life to be focusing on career. You are a good mother and this is your career for now. And it is the best to career you will ever have.

In regard to buying your own home in Perth, you will most definitely do this in the long run but I do not see this as a short-term goal at this time, but most certainly put it on your list of long term goals as it will gradually appear to be much easier to you to attain this over time.

Not everything that is good in life comes really quickly to you, so you will find that if you relax seat your goals the time ahead that you are not so stressed.

I can see around you that you are stressed over money and stressed that are trying to retain things that the future. Time to put yourself back and think about the simple things in life because this is where the love is and this is a good place to be.

Don’t let the stresses of everyday life interfere with your good relationship that you have with your partner. Stop and look around you and you will understand that you have all you need with your family at this time to have a good life.

As a matter of interest I can see that you are very privileged with that partnership that you have and the love that is around you. So take stock or where you are, it is important to run some parallels.

As I look around your husband's parents in the UK I can see that they have problems that have been around for a very long time. Of course are not going to sort out their problems. In really twisted way, I don't think they want to because they have come to the point their life where it is habitual filling to have these issues. The way to deal with these people is to understand that you do not have to please them. You have a type of nature that wants to be pleasing and accepted, but first you must understand that nothing you can do will make these people happy. They are habitually unhappy.

So stop trying to please and make them happy, just be yourself, ignore their behaviour and go on as you would at home. Don’t around these people because they are so involved with their own issues and so self obsessed that they do not even take the time to think about you or their son most of the time.

Click them out of your mind, between now and when you arrive at their front door. When you are closing in on them imagine a white light surrounding you that is protective of your sensitive nature, imagine that they can’t penetrate it. Then you will see a change in them. Keep your protective light when you are in their company. It will make a lot of difference. But most of all remember that you do not need to impress these people at all. As a matter-of-fact, they should be impressing you. So head up, protective light in place and enjoy your holiday.

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