Thursday, September 3, 2009


I am so sorry I haven't posted for a while - but things have been HECTIC!

Liam and I have been keeping ourselves ultra busy and I have been feeling amazingly better. My zest for life is coming back in a big way and I am seeing things so much more clearly now. I love it.

Liam and I have found the best playgroup EVER on Mondays and Thursdays and its really been a saviour for the both of us. I love taking him there and I love the volunteers and the other mum's.

Next Thursday the three of us fly out to Singapore and London for three weeks. Things aren't great with Richard's parents, despite his brother getting married at the end of the month, but we are just going to look forward to our trip and relish spending three weeks together. I know Richard misses Liam so much each day and he is really looking forward to introducing Liam to his big brother.

I am also trying to negotiate a return to work in October which is proving hard due to childcare arrangements, but it looks like Liam's godmum is going to become his personal nanny (lucky boy!). We still have a few things to sort out before the arrangement goes ahead, and I will absolutely despise going back to work, but we need the money if we are to get to Perth this year.

This Sunday is also Fathers Day. Richard wants to go out for a juicy hamburger so we are taking him to Moo Burgers in Bondi for an extra special treat. I really want to make it a wonderful day for him because he's such an awesome dad and husband.


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Amy said...

A busy couple of months coming up for you!

So glad to hear you are feeling more at peace :)

enjoy your trip xoxo