Monday, September 7, 2009

Hello World

and hello Monday.

I have a busy week ahead. We leave at 11.30am on Thursday morning. I am getting tired already thinking about the flight but I am really organised, so I am hoping and crossing fingers it will be ok.

I took Liam to Perth when he was 2 months old, but this is different. 24 hours. One 6 hour stopover in Singapore. A little cherub who wants to grab everything and I mean everything.

I have so much washing and packing to do today. For some reason I have also arranged an appointment in Paddington to get my hair foiled for the bargain price of $35! I don't really have the time to do it, but it was such a bargain I couldn't resist. I'll post some piccies later.

I had a great weekend with my boys. Just beautiful. I was so happy to celebrate Father's Day yesterday. I spoilt my beautiful husband and although we had to eat in shifts at Moo Burgers we still had a lot of fun.

We got stopped in Bondi yesterday by a rather attractive looking lady who suggested I should take Liam to a modelling agency for kids. She was from Canada and had managed an agency for kids out there and said Liam has a very 'now look'. He's 9 months old!

I don't know. To me he is gorgeous with his big eyes and curly hair but mum's think their children are the most beautiful in the world. He's just a little boy and I don't think I'd feel too comfortable about it all.

Anyway, have a great week and I'll be back later before we go.



Danielle said...

A talent agent saw my twins and gave me her card... I don't think I'm comfortable taking them along for an interview either... something kinda wrong about them not being old enough to tell you if they want to do that sorta stuff I suppose.

Chelle, Nick and Raya said...

Wishing you all the best for the flight Jo - Liam will be great I am sure.

Remember to take a change of clothes for yourself - you will feel SO much better and the little boy behind us projectile vomited over his mother on the flight.

I went into the Sheperds Bush Westfield yesterday - AMAZING - the clothes you are going to be able to get Liam - the stores are great!!