Thursday, October 29, 2009

A new look

At the beginning of the week my redundancy money came through and Richard suggested I withdraw about $400 and get myself some new clothes on the proviso I didn't spend any of it on Liam.

Liam and I went off to Eastgardens yesterday for some food shopping and I had time to spare so I had a look around the shops. Which meant Cotton On Kids, Pumpkin Patch etc. I nearly bought him $400 worth of clothes but had to stop myself short of the register. When am I going to have that money to splurge on myself again?

I went into a shop called Glassons. The assistant was lovely and got me to try on white skinny jeans.

'Um, I'm a mum. I can't do white skinny jeans'.

'Yes you can' she says.

She got me to try them on with a peach coloured top and sequined silver scarf. Oh the love. This was how I wanted to look but I don't think sequins go at playgroup. Hell, even the mums that congregate in the park across the road from our flat at 4pm each day rock up in their pyjama bottoms and uggs.

But I just loved it. I bought the top and scarf and got another top in a pale buttermilk colour. I couldn't get my head around the skinny jeans so I said I would think about it and come back. I didn't, because I saw a pair or white trousers that were looser that I could wear to the beach as well.

I bought some accessories and shoes and a maxi dress at Target. I tried on a few pairs of bathers but I think I need to go back and do that properly. Like when I've had a wax and a spray tan. I hate changing rooms.

What kind of stuff are you looking forward to wearing this summer?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Musical beds

How can Liam be so small yet take up our whole bed?

From 12am to 4am this morning we had musical beds. Prior to Parenthood Richard and I agreed that our baby would sleep in his own room, in his own cot. We did well. For the first week Liam was in his pram in our room and then Richard decided to cut the apron strings and suggest he get used to his cot. I remember I cried when I put him to bed that night, he was so small in that cot and I didn't sleep well. I just stared at the monitor all night and would run to the room if I heard anything.

Liam loves his room and cot, and for the most part, sleeps well. But for the past three weeks he'll wake and tired as we are, we drag him into bed with us. Last night I sat on the couch with him and stroked his hair until he fell asleep again for an hour and placed him gently into his cot. 5 mins later I heard the dummy being catapulted through the air and knocking over something on his bookcase and the old 'muuuuuuuuuma'.

So Richard bought him in. Liam doesn't keep still. He paws you and sticks fingers up your nose and pulls your hair. Or he stares at you in the dark. We all end up laughing and end up playing.

So, we've got ourselves into bad habits. Finally at 4am, Liam fell asleep starfish/jesus style and Richard carried him back to his cot. Richard and me finally got off the floor and back into our warm, comfy bed.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nanna behaviour

Not a lot to update this week. Its been pretty quiet.

Liam is up at all hours at the moment. I am not sure if he is still on UK time or if its teeth or what is going on, but he refuses to go to bed at 7pm. So we've been letting him stay up with us and try putting him down at 9pm which he sometimes agrees to, but the other night it was 11pm. Rich and I are old nanna's these days and like to be in bed before 9.30pm. But last Friday night Liam went to bed at 6.3opm and crashed out on the floor! So who knows. I'm just going to keep trying for 7pm for the next few weeks and see what happens.

Yesterday I bought the entire series of Cold Feet. Its set in Manchester about a group of 30 somethings. I love it and it makes me think about all the bad clothes I wore in the 90's.

This Saturday night my old flatmate from my Perth single days is in Sydney and we are hitting the town. She is here for a work conference and neither of us have been out for ages, so we have got a hotel room in the city, are getting ready and then going out for dinner/cocktails/dancing. I'm going to have a nap on Saturday to prepare myself (how sad am I?). She's one of my oldest and dear friends so its going to be fun. I have no idea where to go to, I am so out of the nightlife loop its not funny and will probably be wanting my cup of tea and biscuit at 9pm.

Did I mention I am 35 in 14 weeks and not 65?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Flipping Dog

I bought this little toy dog for Liam when we were out shopping in West London. He loved it and I just had to buy it for him but I think its got a bit tiresome now.

We left it in London but it arrived by post yesterday.


Eyebrow threading

What is that you ask? It seems its been happening for AGES in New York and London but is still a bit unknown here. I think if DJ's or Myer had a threading bar they would make a fortune.

I was determined to get mine done in London. A beautiful Indian lady in Debenhams with henna tattoos guided me to a chair that you lay back in and started to attack my brows with a clean piece of thread. It hurt it first, but it was a good pain, like when you rip a bandaid off. It actually started to feel really nice and a bit relaxing really.

I have started to research threaders in Sydney and I have found one in Maroubra who does it for $15. The hair grows back slowly and I can tell you my brows have never looked so good. redness like you normally get after a wax...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Slack arse

Yes, I know.

It has taken the three of us exactly a week to get over our jetlag. A week! I must be getting older. Seriously, all three of us where in bed at 5.30pm each night last week. Richard even forgot his pin number to his keycard which goes to show how sleep deprevation can kill your brain.

Anyway, we are back on form now. Its been a big week. We had a great time, and are now nearly all better. I still have blocked ears, Liam is fighting the remnants of an ear infection and Rich still has the flu. But we had a great time, the best.

I'll always love London. If I could live in Chelsea or Notting Hill I'd live there forever but that aint gonna happen. Australia is home and it always will be. Its beautiful to come home.

I was due to start work today. I ran around like a mad woman the day before we left Sydney for London securing a childcare placement in Mascot. Liam and I loved it there. I was even slightly excited about him starting because I knew he would thrive. The staff were gorgeous and all the kids looked so happy. While in London I got a call saying my position had been made redundant but as fate would have it, after all our money troubles this year I got a great payout and we are on our way to Perth in December! Thank god. We are all so happy, so I'm back at home with the little tiger until we leave, shortly after Liam's first birthday on the 4th December.

I have heaps to update you on, so I will post again tomorrow. Its great to be home.