Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bad swimmers

Its back to the drawing board yet again with my swimwear. My new swimmers arrived in the post yesterday but when I tried them on I look like a sausage too big for its skin. I DO NOT LOOK LIKE THE MODEL IN THE PHOTO that I posted a few days ago.

Why was I kidding myself that white swimmers would look ok?

I'm going to refund them and see what else I can get.

I had a look around Kmart yesterday and noticed they had some lovely bathers. I also snapped myself up a beautiful peach top at Kmart to wear with a silver caplet I have for my leaving soiree this Saturday night. Its a girls night and we are heading out to The Winery in Surry Hills and a few grooves in Paddington afterwards. The top half of my outfit is sorted, I have no idea what to wear on the bottom half since my wardrobe is full of sensible jeans, cargo pants and ballet flats.

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