Thursday, November 19, 2009

Life's Little Surprises

Yesterday Liam and I went to visit my best friend Jo, who lived next door to us, but is now renting a new place in Kingsford with her husband and puppy. They have a three bedroom house and god, I just love it. Heaps and heaps of space and a big huge hallway. If Liam ever decides to start crawling, a huge hallway would be fantastic for him.

We are actually moving in with them when we move out of here on the 29th December.

So, we popped over with some lunch and after we ate Jo mentioned to me that she had been feeling sick that morning and her period was two weeks late. They have just started trying for a baby but she said with her being 35 and all, it couldn't possibly have happened that quickly. Or could it?

I offered to run down the road and get her a test. She refused for about an hour and then let me go and buy one. I got back, showed her how to pee on the stick and sat out the bathroom door yelling instructions.

She opened the door and showed me the two, very clear lines and burst into tears. I started crying and then Liam joined in for good measure. What a moment. It felt very similar to when I got my positive test.

As luck would have it, I'm going to be leaving her. Jo is Scottish and doesn't have family in Sydney and I'm the only mumma friend she has. I can't believe that three weeks before we leave, my bestie is preggers.

Ah...congrats to her, what a lovely, beautiful surprise!


Amy said...

aww what a beautiful moment to share with your friend!

Lots of flights to visit are in order ;)


Shellsibelle said...

Wow, that is so special xox

Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

That's lovely! What a special moment to share. xx