Monday, November 2, 2009

Moving on...

Why is it when you make a big decision in your life to move to another city or country, you start to see your current home with different eyes.

I have never quite loved our current flat. It pained me we had to move down to the end of the street when our previous flat was being sold. I'd just fallen pregnant and I knew exactly how I wanted to do the spare room up.

But move we did. We knew it was only short term before we had Liam and then moved to Perth.

Over the last few weeks I haven't cleaned our home to my usual high standards. I've let things slip a bit because I know we are packing up soon and its going to be cleaned before the final inspection.

Now I am noticing all the things I like about it. Like how when I hang out the washing each morning the guy below us who owns a home catering business cooks his food on his outdoor bbq and tells me what he is making. Or how we have air conditioning on a muggy day today, or how Liam likes to look at the birds on his back balcony. There is a real sense of community in our apartment block and we are going to miss it.

I took Liam to Coogee on a playdate today and I thought 'god, I love this beach'. Its quiet during the week and there are kids and pregnant bellies everywhere. The locals are friendly.

Although I have had a love/hate relationship with Sydney it has been home for 5 years and I am going to miss it. Its going to be strange moving back home after 7 years away and returning with a husband and son.

I just pray/hope that everything will work out and we are making the right decision. Deep down I know we are, but there is always that bundle of nerves when you are uprooting your life.


Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

I have a love/hate relationship too, and know that feeling that you get when you're going to leave.

You're going to have such a great time in Perth, and you'll LOVE being near your family. xx

Shellsibelle said...

You uprooted your life to move to England, and that is where you met your husband. Then you uprooted your life to move to Sydney, and that is where you had your son. Now you are going home, and more wonderful things will eventuate :]