Monday, November 23, 2009

My weekend

I think I am still recovering from my weekend. I had my girlie leaving night on Saturday and then we had Richard's work Xmas party at Bicentennial Park yesterday. Probably neither was a good idea.

Saturday night we all went to The Winery in Surry Hills. It was rammed pack and so freaking hot. I could feel sweat running down my inner thighs. We couldn't get a table to save our lives so we went to The Dolphin to eat, which felt like a sauna, and then onto a pub in Paddington where we danced to cheesy tunes. One of my girlfriends bought me a cock-sucking cowboy shooter which killed me and I left shortly after that, only to pass out on my bed. Luckily Sunday morning is my sleep in day (Rich gets Saturdays).

However, we had to be up early. After begging Richard to stop through a drive through McDonalds to buy me a large coke with crushed ice, we proceeded to die in the heat. Great park, not a great day for it unfortunately. Richard volunteered to be Santa and I did actually think he was going to die in his suit. Poor love. He was mustering up as much enthusiasm as he could for the kids and they were all slowly going feral. At one point I thought I might have to duck Liam in the esky.

We finally got home and passed out on the floor with the air con on.

I have so much to do this week. Heaps of packing. We need to be out of our flat by next Wednesday, but we are leaving on Sunday night to stay with friends.

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Shellsibelle said...

Isn't the heat hideous?? And it's not even Summer yet.

Sounds like you had a nice social weekend though, despite the heat!!