Thursday, November 26, 2009

Oh so tired....

I am so tired this week. I've packed up the flat and now its onto cleaning. Richard has been massively busy at work so its just been me and Liam doing it.

I took Liam for his 12 month check this morning and after it was done I thought I better eat something because I felt like I was going to pass out. It felt like such an effort to push Liam around in his pram.

I decided to come off my medication two weeks ago. For the past two months I have been feeling brilliant and I am taking care of myself in terms of eating well and exercising and I just didn't want to be on them anymore. Instead of weaning myself off them with the help of the doctor I've just stopped cold turkey. I know this is so so wrong but there was a couple of weeks where I forgot to take them and for those two weeks I was taking them every second day. I haven't suffered any side effects and it was such a low dose anyway. I think maybe the tiredness is stemming from not taking the Lexapro.

Liam's check went really well. He's 12.8kg and 83cm. He's such a big boy. The crawling is nearly there, I honestly think he will start crawling by next Friday which is his first birthday. He even took a couple of steps on his knees last night after I built him a fort made of boxes.

God, where has this year gone???


Simone said...

getting close jo. perhaps your moving date getting nearer is making you feel better..... how is richard feeling? does he have work lined up?

Joanna said...

Thanks Simone. Not long now! Yep, we weren't sure if we could get Rich a transfer but then he spoke to work and they created a new role for him to work from home in Perth. It means he'll be travelling a lot though over to the east coast and NZ/Asia but it makes things a lot easier.