Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I can't help letting my mind wander back to this time next year. I was massively huge, with a pregnant belly and into my first week of maternity leave. I was still cleaning like a maniac and checking out the stretchmarks that were just sprouting on my belly. I had managed to keep them at bay throughout the whole pregnancy but in the last couple of weeks they appeared.

Instead of hating them like I did back then, I've grown used to them and they have faded quite a bit with a lot of stretchmark Bio oil. I'm proud of them now. They were all a part of getting Liam into this world.

Liam is a lot bigger now and exploring more. He's still not crawling but bum shuffling everywhere. He is going to love the beach this year. I'm looking forward to taking him to the beach where I went as a kid and spending lots of time in mum and dad's pool.

His swimwear is sorted. Mine is not. Everything seems to be halternecked and with one bigger boob and major droopiness I can't quite pull off the halter neck look. Bikini's are out. Tankini's I might be able to pull off. Strapless one piece's aren't looking too bad but aren't a good look when you get dunked in a wave.

I'm still looking. I'm now turning my search online. Any pointers?


Coco's Mum said...

I love Victoria's Secret for swimwear and the bonus is they often have stuff on sale :)

Belinda said...

Jo I have ordered quite a few things (including two new swimsuits) from this site:
A good thing is being American their seasons are opposite to ours so all the swimwear is on sale right now, the postage is fairly pricey but if you buy a few things that are on sale you can still save quite a bit of money. You do need to be careful with sizes though, I am currently a 12 and I bought 10's but I think I could have got away with 8's.

Lisa said...

If there's a shop/stockist near you try a Seafolly, was at their DFO store not long ago and they had heaps of options for post baby boobie scaffolding.