Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tummy Time

In the last week, Liam has been moving all around his cot and we have been finding him in all various positions. His favourite is sleeping on his tummy and I think he looks so comfortable.

I can only go to sleep on my stomach and I think he takes after me.

I took him to the doctor on Monday after playgroup and she was a bit concerned he isn't crawling yet. Liam prefers to sit and bum shuffle everywhere and when you do put him onto his tummy he will get onto all fours and rock, but I think because he is a bigger baby and he's about 11.9kg and very long, he needs to gain a bit more strength to push off. All my brothers were bum shufflers and mum said they didn't start crawling/cruising/walking until 15 months so I think we might have a while to go yet.

The doctor recommended I take him to a Paed or Physio but my instinct tells me he is not far off. I'm going to trust that instead.

Its all rather exciting in our household right now, getting ready for the move. I've crossed off lots of things on my to do list and I am so excited about the big move west. I can't wait. It looks like Richard's work will create a new role for him to work from home in Perth and he'll be travelling throughout Asia, Australia and NZ to set up systems which he is a bit excited about. My niece Charlie is really excited and keeps telling me how she will babysit Liam for me. She's four. Bless her.

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Chelle, Nick and Raya said...

Aurelia didn't crawl till 12 months because she bum shuffled everywhere. We were seeing a physio as part of her premmie playgroup and they weren't worried in the slightest - they said once they can sit up - they lose interest in crawling.

Raya is now running everywhere and you would never have known she crawled late. Trust your gut instinct Jo