Monday, December 14, 2009

Home is where the heart is...

Liam and I are back home in Perth. Oh my god I missed it. It feels strange to be back but good. I keep thinking I have to get on a flight and head home to Sydney in two weeks but this is home now.

I miss my husband so so so so so so much. I hate being apart from him. We both went out separately to buy webcams today so we could see each other. When Liam heads off to bed I feel a bit lost because it would be a perfect opportunity to head out to a movie or get something to eat while mum and dad stay in, but Rich will be here on Xmas Eve and then we can spend oodles of time together.

I'm cruising around Perth in a hire car and have a black Nissan Micra. I love the car, its so cute. I've already got a placement for Liam at a childcare place starting on the 6th January at my first choice and we are going in for a little visit tomorrow. I just need to get a job now. I've also been househunting this weekend and its been interesting looking at houses for sale. Mum and I went to the new Ikea that's been built here and I have all these little ideas buzzing in my head as to how I'd like our future home to look. There is just so much to look forward to and so far, its just been EASY. Less traffic, less stress, the people are so friendly and I've had to remind myself to consciously slow down a bit because I'm so used to rushing about.

In Perth there is just no need.


Amy said...

So happy for you xoxo

Simone said...

so much happening already. hope jobs come quickly to you both as does a house. you mum and dad must be so pleased your near by again