Saturday, January 2, 2010

Is this our new home?

We've decided to hold off buying a house in Perth. I think we've had a few too many life changes last year and buying a house is a big decision so we are going to rent for 6 months to get a feel for what area is 'us'. With our budget I'm sure we won't get much of a choice, but Perth is really suburban. Like really suburban. We are finding it a bit hard to get our heads around it, so we are looking at some suburbs in Perth that feel like Sydney. Ha! And here I was thinking I wouldn't miss Sydney at all. Some habits are head to break it seems.

Will the 3 of us be gypsies for ever? Probably.

I'm in love with this place although it doesn't have much of a garden, but there is a huge park down the end of the street. And its less rent for what we paid for our two bedder in Sydney.


Teneal said...

That house looks gorgeous!!

I am sure you will work out the best place for you soon enough :) What an exciting start to the new decade!

All the best for your new location :)

Amy said...

Isn't that place lovely!

Hope your find your perfect stomping ground - renting sounds like a great idea.


Miss Rosie said...

Jo, the house looks gorgeous in those pics.

Good luck with the search.